Sunday, 20 August 2017

Geeta Grewal Lost His Best Friend

Hello Friends, My Name Is Geeta Grewal And Today I Am Discussing About My Personal And Heart Touching Story

Hello friends, my name is Geeta grewal. I have lots of things to say today. I would like to tell you one shayari first. Which was written by my friend vinay. विनय :या खुदा ये तेरी कैसी खुदाई। औरत की पतली कमर, छाती मोती क्यों बनाई।।क्या तूने रिश्वत खाई थी ।खुदा: मैंने रिश्वत खाई थी बस फरक इतना था, कमर से मिटटी उठा कर के छाती पर ज़ादा लगाई थी ।मेरी इस साइट पर कमेंट ज़रूर करे ।। Vinay was my best friend from  the school time. We also went to the same college. We use to share everything with each other. He was very nice guy. In the class we use to sit together and do lots of fun and made joke of others. We had very inseparable bonding. Everybody knew about our bonding and friend in the school and college also. Some people use to think that we are in relationship but actually we were just friends. I never thought about him in that way. I only took him as a friend always. But probably he use to, like me a lot. I was not sure about that. Once he was absent and I was sitting alone in the class. People were asking me why I am so upset. I replied nothing. Another day he came, so I asked why you didn’t came yesterday. So he replied because my mother met with an accident. I get worried and started crying. He consoled me and told that nothing is worry about. Days were passed we are now in college. With new fun and excitement, we started our new life. I don’t know when I started liking him. I fell for her. Lost in his dreams I realized how much I actually love him. Days were passing my love getting stronger. I never felt such kind of feeling ever. In the annual college fest I decided to propose him. So finally I gathered all my courage and proposed him. Poor me! He rejected my proposal because he loved someone else and also dating her. I broke down into pieces, I was his best friend but never told me that thing. He didn’t told me that was much painful than rejecting my proposal. That was very very painful. I use to cry whole day and no one was there for me. I fell ill. From 1 months I was in bed. Fell sick and fighting with myself. He didn’t even came once to met me. I was going in depression. I just use to think one thing, why he did this to me. Rejection was not a problem but not telling me was the problem. After 2 months I found a letter from his mother. And I shattered after reading that letter. He was suffering from brain tumor and he was not dating anyone else. He just tried to push me so that I do not come to know about his problem. He loved me too. I cried more and more. I lost him forever. 


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